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The CEO and executives

AUSTRAC Executive Committee

Nicole Rose PSM - Chief Executive Officer


Nicole Rose commenced as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AUSTRAC in November 2017.

Prior to this, Nicole was the Deputy Secretary of the Criminal Justice Group in the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, responsible for Criminal Justice Policy and Programs, International Law Enforcement Cooperation, International Legal Assistance, Papua New Guinea Law and Justice, and AusCheck.

She joined the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department coming from the newly formed Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). The ACIC was created following the merging of CrimTrac, the federal agency responsible for providing information-sharing solutions for Australia’s police and law enforcement agencies, and the Australian Crime Commission, the country’s peak criminal intelligence agency. Nicole was the CEO of CrimTrac and became the Deputy CEO of ACIC following the merge.

Before joining the Commonwealth government, Nicole was the Director of the Office of the NSW Police Commissioner and worked in senior roles in the NSW Premier’s Department, the Ministry for Police, and the Serious Offenders’ Review Council within the NSW Department of Corrective Services.

In 2013, Nicole was awarded the Public Service Medal for services to policing.

Chris Collett - Deputy CEO Intelligence and International

AUSTRAC Deputy CEO Chris Collett

Chris joined AUSTRAC in June 2018 and serves as the Deputy CEO, Intelligence and International. He is responsible for AUSTRAC’s intelligence functions, operational engagement, strategic risk assessments and international operations. Chris is the co-chair of the regional Financial Intelligence Consultative Group and represents AUSTRAC on Fintel Alliance’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Prior to joining AUSTRAC, Chris was the Assistant Secretary for Transnational Crime Policy, in the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs. He was responsible for policy, legislation and advice to Government across a range of criminal justice areas. This included responsibility for Australia’s anti-money laundering/counter-terrorism financing legislative and policy framework, including engagement with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and oversight of the Anti-Money Laundering Assistance Team (AMLAT).

Chris has previously held a range of senior executive positions in the Attorney-General’s Department and the Department of Employment, across criminal justice, emergency management, civil justice, and assurance and compliance areas. Prior to joining the Australian Public Service, Chris worked in state government and non-government organisations. He holds a Master of Arts and a bachelor degree and post-graduate diploma in psychology.

Peter Soros - Deputy CEO Regulatory Strategy

AUSTRAC Deputy CEO Peter Soros

Peter Soros commenced at AUSTRAC on 25 June 2018. He is responsible for the regulatory and compliance operations of AUSTRAC. He also has responsibility for AUSTRAC’s legal and policy functions.  A key element of his work is overseeing the enforcement work of AUSTRAC.

Mr Soros worked in Government between 2013 and 2018 and brings a strong understanding of law enforcement, intelligence and national security, with an exceptional ability to navigate through Home Affairs and Government. He has also worked in a range of roles in the public service between 2002 and 2013. This included roles in the Department of Industry and the Department of Human Services.  

Mr Soros has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies from Monash University.

Dr John Moss - Deputy CEO Corporate Operations

AUSTRAC Deputy CEO John Moss

The Deputy CEO Corporate Operations/Chief Operating Officer role has senior leadership of the People and Integrity, Innovation, Capability, Technology, Finance, Property, Security, Governance and Risk, and Audit functions of the agency.

Dr John Moss has over 25 years experience in intelligence and security-related positions in New Zealand and Australia.

He has worked across state and Commonwealth agencies in operations and intelligence leadership positions, with an emphasis on national security and law enforcement including associated private sector, security, border, regulatory and revenue agency collaboration. This has included senior executive leadership positions with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and AUSTRAC.

Since joining AUSTRAC in 2016, Dr Moss led AUSTRAC's intelligence capability as National Manager Intelligence. In addition to operational delivery, his focus has been on developing and delivering contemporary intelligence capabilities suitable for current and future AML/CTF environments – such as specialised tradecraft, advanced analysis tools, public-private partnerships, and enhanced domestic and international networks and operational collaboration across broader government priorities. 

Dr Moss has a Doctorate of Philosophy and other postgraduate qualifications including a Master of Defence Studies, Master of Letters, Graduate Certificate of Asian Studies and Graduate Certificate in Organised Crime and Corruption Investigations.

Bradley Brown - National Manager, Intelligence and International Partnerships

AUSTRAC National Manager Intelligence and International Partnerships Bradley Brown

Bradley is the National Manager, Intelligence and International Partnerships branch at AUSTRAC. He leads AUSTRAC’s contribution to key intelligence and operational task forces in Australia. This includes Fintel Alliance, AUSTRAC’s public-private partnership to detect and disrupt money laundering, terrorism financing and serious crime.

The branch also supports AUSTRAC’s international strategy and engagement in forums such as the Financial Action Task Force, Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering and the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units, as well as multilateral and bilateral engagements. This includes the regional Counter-Terrorism Financing Summit, international deployments and technical assistance and training.

Brad also oversees AUSTRAC’s Risk Assessment program, which is aimed at building a deep understanding of money laundering and terrorism financing risks within particular sectors and products. 

Bradley joined AUSTRAC in 2004 as the Manager Strategic Analysis, after a 15-year career with the Queensland Police Service. Bradley has performed leadership roles across AUSTRAC’s business within Intelligence, Program Management, Government Relations and Policy. He holds a Masters in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism.

Dr Rachel Challis - Acting National Manager, Strategy and Communications

Acting National Manager Strategy and Communications, Rachel Challis

Rachel is responsible for AUSTRAC’s strategic planning and communications functions, including strategic communications, media operations, business transformation and planning and performance.

Rachel has been with AUSTRAC for eight years and brings significant experience to the executive team. Prior her current role she held senior roles in AUSTRAC’s Regulatory Operations branch, and has also held positions in the intelligence community.

Rachel has a Doctorate in Physics and is currently completing an Executive Masters in Public Administration.

Richard Chin - National Manager, Intelligence Operations

AUSTRAC National Manager Intelligence Operations Richard Chin

Richard is responsible for leadership of the intelligence capabilities, response and proactive generation of intelligence opportunities for AUSTRAC and its domestic and international partners.

Richard joined AUSTRAC in October 2018 after a 21-year career as a police officer, including 20 years with the Australian Federal Police across a range of diverse roles encompassing community policing in the ACT and AFP national operations. As a Detective Superintendent, Richard was most recently the National Coordinator of the AFP-led Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce, where he coordinated national and international operations and partnerships, and drove the capability of multi-agency teams to disrupt and take the profit out of serious and organised crime.

In previous roles Richard led the Covert Services and Forensic Operations business areas, managing significant operational risks and resources to deliver outcomes for high-level AFP operations. He has also worked extensively and led teams across child protection and cybercrime investigations in the AFP.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Criminology and Master of Business Administration (Finance).

Leanne Fry - National Manager, Innovation and Technology Solutions (CIO)

AUSTRAC National Manager Innovation and Technology Solutions Leanne Fry

Leanne is the Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Information Officer at AUSTRAC, and leads the Analytics, Innovation, Development, Information and Infrastructure teams. Her remit is to ensure that advanced analytics and customer service capability is in place to enable AUSTRAC to innovate, working closely with industry and partners. She leads advanced innovation for AUSTRAC for both processes and products. Leanne joined AUSTRAC in November 2015 to deliver Fintel Alliance, a groundbreaking public-private partnership.

Formerly CIO and Chief Digital Officer at the Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman, Leanne has extensive experience in the private sector in financial services, property and legal information and services. She has delivered transformation across both private and public sectors in digital services and delivery, governance, ICT, marketing and communications, business processes and web science.

Leanne chaired the Public Sector Best Practices - Regulatory Frameworks and Implementation Committee at the Global Government AI Roundtable Summit in Dubai in 2018. She is actively engaged in digital literacy initiatives through the Web Science Community and has co-developed a series of education workshops on digital for executives. She speaks frequently on the challenges of understanding digital disruption and how to address it.

Kathryn Haigh - National Manager, Legal and Policy

AUSTRAC National Manager Legal and Policy Kathryn Haigh

Kathryn joined AUSTRAC as General Counsel in September 2016. Kathryn is also responsible for AUSTRAC’s policy, rules, exemptions and enforcement functions.

Kathryn has a background in law enforcement and regulation. She previously worked for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, leading a range of prosecutions targeting transnational and serious organised crime.

Kathryn has also worked for other government regulators, and has extensive experience working in private practice, acting on behalf of clients defending civil penalty proceedings and other regulatory matters.

Gilly Neeley - National Manager, People and Business Solutions

AUSTRAC National Manager People and Business Solutions Gilly Neeley

Gilly is responsible for a full range of corporate functions including all aspects of the management of people, property, finance, and risk at AUSTRAC. This includes the full suite of Human Resources functions, Industrial Relations, Security and Integrity, as well as Organisational Development, including Workforce Planning and Learning and Development. She also has responsibility for the Property footprint for AUSTRAC and the management of its offices throughout Australia.

Another key function Gilly has is ensuring the financial health of the agency through the management of the Financial Services team and the oversight of the Risk and Internal Audit function.​ Gilly has a key role in driving the culture of the organisation through a range of strategies and workplace initiatives, with a view to ensuring that AUSTRAC is equipped to deliver on its outcomes today, as well as ensuring its viability for the future.

Gilly has worked in similar roles in the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), Australian Public Service Commission, and the Department of Families and Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (now Department of Social Services). She holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Government and is a member of the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI), Australian Company Directors and IPAA. She is also on the Women in Law Enforcement Strategy (WILES) steering committee.

Dr Nathan Newman - National Manager, Regulatory Operations

AUSTRAC National Manager Regulatory Operations Nathan Newman

Dr Nathan Newman is the National Manager, Regulatory Operations. Nathan leads AUSTRAC’s regulatory compliance, investigations and industry education functions, including AUSTRAC's efforts to monitor and support compliance by industry with their obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006

Formerly AUSTRAC’s Chief of Staff, where he managed the agency's Strategic Communications, and Parliamentary & Planning teams, Nathan has worked across the Australian law enforcement and national security community for more than a decade.

Nathan was the Director of the then-Australian Crime Commission’s Strategy and Policy team, where he contributed to whole-of-government policy and legislative reform. He also previously worked with industry to build the resilience of the critical infrastructure sector at the Attorney-General’s Department, and supported the Australian Government’s response to national security threats as part of his work at the Defence Intelligence Organisation. 

Nathan attained a Doctorate of Philosophy following studies to develop a next generation sensor for waste water analysis.

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