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Fintel Alliance

About Fintel Alliance

In the beginning

In 2015 a plan was hatched in Australia:

  • to fight financial crime and terrorism in a way never done before in the world
  • to harness and turbo-charge the collective knowledge of government and industry
  • financial sector, non-government organisations, law enforcement and national security agencies working side-by-side, housed under one roof
  • to steadily build a national and global alliance so powerful, no criminal – big or small – can hide.

A real collaboration where partners work as equals. A true public-private partnership.

Growing our economy. Protecting our financial sector. Keeping our community safe.

The plan becomes reality

Photos from Fintel Alliance

In 2017 the plan became reality.

The team at Fintel Alliance relentlessly follows the money trail – down holes and up hills, wherever criminals try to conceal it.

We have three clear operational goals:

  • help our private sector partners more easily identify and report suspicious transactions
  • help our law enforcement partners more quickly arrest and prosecute criminals
  • work with academia to build knowledge and gather insight.

When they commit new crimes we act with agility. We exchange near real-time intelligence and use the best data, tracking tools and methodologies.

The future is ours to shape

For the first time, our security is being defended by the advanced technological solutions we create to fight serious financial crime, such as money laundering and terrorism financing.

Fintel Alliance is empowering companies and law enforcement to rapidly trial, then implement, global best practice ideas in a trusted environment.

We’re proud of the determination and ingenuity that hatched Fintel Alliance. It is already showing results that are exciting to us, and our partners.

We’re working together to win the war against serious financial crime.

A day in the life of Fintel Alliance


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