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Counter-Terrorism Financing Summit

CTF Summit 2017—Malaysia

Australia’s financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC co-hosted the third Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) Summit with its regional partners, Bank Negara Malaysia and Pusat Pelaporan dan Analisis Transaksi Keuangan (PPATK), from 20 to 23 November 2017.

The previous two summits in Sydney and Bali were co-hosted and founded by AUSTRAC and Indonesia. The CTF Summit 2016 produced the Nusa Dua Statement for participating countries, to promote stronger collaboration and innovation in CTF. It set an ambitious agenda to be achieved before the CTF Summit 2017.

The 2017 CTF Summit built upon the successes of the previous summits by focusing on developing private-public initiatives in response to the region’s current terrorism financing issues and risks.

The CTF Summit 2017 brought together financial intelligence experts and senior representatives from policy, regulatory, law enforcement and national security agencies. Industry participants included the financial services private sector, fintech and regtech professionals and academics. Summit delegates from government and industry attended the first-ever 'Codeathon'.

Kuala Lumpur Communique

Kuala Lumpur Communique (Word, 1.5MB)

Kuala Lumpur Communique (PDF, 1.2MB)

United against terrorism financing

Terrorism financing underpins and enables the work of extremists, putting our community and economy at risk. AUSTRAC’s financial intelligence assists in detecting, disrupting and stopping the funding of attacks and operations, which prevents terrorism.

We are committed to building public-private partnerships and using the latest technology to disrupt terrorism financing. This builds confidence in our financial markets and strengthens regional security. In 2017, the Fintel Alliance was launched to enhance collaboration with our industry partners in the fight against serious crime and terrorism financing.

Our work with government and industry partners follows the money trail to identify financial networks of criminal syndicates, to stop them from:

  • establishing and maintaining terrorist groups
  • maintaining terrorist groups and the networks connecting them
  • supporting the less obvious aspects of a group’s operations, such as living expenses, travel, training, propaganda activities and compensation for wounded fighters or the families of terrorists who have died.

Terrorism financing can be difficult to detect. Developing relationships with our financial intelligence counterparts throughout the world—particularly in our region—helps to deliver a coordinated international response to this transnational threat. By working together, we can disrupt and dismantle the sources and networks that help finance terrorist organisations and terrorist attacks.

See Terrorism financing in Australia 2014 for more information.

Previous CTF Summits

More information

The CTF Summit is an invitation-only event.

For more information about AUSTRAC’s work with PPATK since 2002, see International assistance and training.

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