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International information exchanges

Cooperation between financial intelligence units (FIUs) and anti-money laundering/counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) regulators is vital in the global fight against money laundering and terrorism financing.

AUSTRAC and its international counterparts share information about:

  • financial intelligence
  • AML/CTF supervisory information
  • information about Australia's AML/CTF financing regime

International information exchanges assist AUSTRAC's national and international partners in tracking the movement of funds linked to serious and organised criminal networks

Terms of international exchange

Before exchanging information with a foreign FIU or AML/CTF regulator, AUSTRAC negotiates a written exchange instrument. Each exchange instrument provides a framework and parameters for information exchange with that particular foreign jurisdiction and organisation.

To view AUSTRAC's international partners, please refer to our list of exchange instruments.

AUSTRAC has also published a policy on the communication of AUSTRAC information to a foreign country

International visit programs

AUSTRAC coordinates international visit programs to support:

  • international relationship building efforts
  • technical assistance and training initiatives
  • information exchanges.

The program for each visiting delegation is customised, with:

  • agendas varying from half-day to one-week programs;
  • presenters including partner agencies and reporting entities; and
  • programs also including a Technical Forum presented by the visiting party.

The type and depth of information shared during each visit will depend on:

  • whether or not there is an information exchange agreement in place with AUSTRAC;
  • the nature of the exchange agreement; and
  • operational requirements
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