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Japanese nationals failed to declare $30,000 cash at airport

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Australian casino staff lodged two suspicious matter reports (SMRs) with AUSTRAC detailing suspicious deposits of foreign currency into casino gambling accounts. These reports assisted border protection authorities to detect and apprehend two Japanese nationals who were attempting to leave Australia without declaring physical currency worth more than AUD10,000.

Over a seven-year period the pair had made a number of trips to Australia, bringing with them substantial amounts of Japanese Yen, which they deposited into casino gaming accounts. The source of these funds is unknown.

Throughout this period, the pair had regularly submitted cross-border movement of physical currency (CBM-PC) reports indicating they were carrying physical currency worth AUD10,000 or more. CBM-PC reports must be submitted by travellers arriving in and departing from Australia when carrying physical currency worth AUD10,000 or more (or the foreign currency equivalent).

However, during more recent visits to Australia, the pair had not submitted any CBM-PC reports, even though they were undertaking similar levels of casino gaming activity, involving large amounts of cash. This was assessed as an indication that the pair may still have been carrying, but not declaring, significant amounts of cash during more recent visits.

Analysis of AUSTRAC information over a seven-year period revealed that the pair had deposited more than AUD11 million cash into gaming accounts in Australia. However, over that same period the pair had only reported bringing into Australia the equivalent of AUD7 million cash.

AUSTRAC alerted border protection authorities about the discrepancy and authorities stopped the pair as they attempted to leave Australia. It was discovered that they were carrying foreign currency worth almost AUD30,000 – none of which had been declared. The pair were each issued with an infringement notice and fined for failing to report movements of physical currency valued at AUD10,000 or more.

Offence Undeclared currency
Customer Individual
Industry Gambling services
Channel Physical
Report type
  • SMR
  • SCTR
  • CBM–PC
Jurisdiction International – Japan
Designated service Gambling services
  • Large cash deposits and withdrawals through gaming account
  • Change in currency declaration behaviour with no change in gaming activity
Last modified: 30/07/2015 15:43