Case studies

AUSTRAC case studies are a valuable resource for industry and AUSTRAC's partner agencies. They reveal the diversity and seriousness of the organised crime and terrorism financing threats facing industry and the wider community.

These real-life cases present a snapshot of how criminals are seeking to misuse Australia's financial system and how AUSTRAC intelligence and analysis is instrumental in combating these criminals.

The case studies also demonstrate the enormous intelligence value of the financial transaction and suspicious matter reports AUSTRAC receives from industry as they play an important role as partners in combating serious and organised crime and the financing of terrorism.

Case studies from our international counterparts are available on the International case studies page.

Image of man holding packet of methamphetamine
1 July 2014

A suspicious matter report contributed significantly to a law enforcement operation which ultimately dismantled an international drug importation syndicate operating in Australia.

Image of people smuggling boat
1 July 2014

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities with an investigation which disrupted an international people smuggling operation, resulting in the arrest of two Australia-based facilitators.

Image of man at ATM
1 July 2014

A law enforcement agency identified a suspect believed to be working as a cash courier for a suspected money laundering syndicate. AUSTRAC data revealed that the suspect and additional cash couriers were laundering millions of dollars internationally for the syndicate.

Image of someone writing on a laptop
1 July 2014

An Australian law enforcement agency conducted an investigation into a suspect believed to be involved in laundering money. AUSTRAC information linked the suspect to multiple companies and structured cash deposits.

Image of investment return papers
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities investigating an investment company suspected of running a Ponzi scheme involving AUD70 million worth of funds from investors.

Image of money with chains and lock
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC intelligence initiates an investigation into a complex ‘round robin’ tax evasion scheme.

Image of drugs in capsule form
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC assisted a law enforcement investigation into the importation and distribution of mephedrone, an amphetamine-type stimulant imported from Israel.

Image of man in prison
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities to identify an Australian suspect who was accessing child exploitation material produced in the Philippines.

Image on money being handled by someone in gloves
1 July 2013

A suspect transaction report triggered AUSTRAC’s automated monitoring system, revealing a syndicate using a technique known as ‘cuckoo smurfing’ to launder funds, suspected to be the proceeds of illicit drug sales.

Image or person handing another person money
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC disseminated a suspect transaction report to a law enforcement partner agency, which sparked an investigation into a widespread money laundering syndicate.