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Case studies

AUSTRAC case studies are a valuable resource for industry and AUSTRAC's partner agencies. They reveal the diversity and seriousness of the organised crime and terrorism financing threats facing industry and the wider community.

These real-life cases present a snapshot of how criminals are seeking to misuse Australia's financial system and how AUSTRAC intelligence and analysis is instrumental in combating these criminals.

The case studies also demonstrate the enormous intelligence value of the financial transaction and suspicious matter reports AUSTRAC receives from industry as they play an important role as partners in combating serious and organised crime and the financing of terrorism.

Image or person handing another person money
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC disseminated a suspect transaction report to a law enforcement partner agency, which sparked an investigation into a widespread money laundering syndicate.

Image of man in prison
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC information assisted a law enforcement investigation into a suspected child exploitation website which led to the arrest of more than 20 individuals.

Image of credit cards
1 July 2013

An international student residing in Australia was arrested by law enforcement upon arrival in Australia, where he was found to be in possession of card skimming technology, includeding computer disks, a laptop, a card encoder, an ATM feeder ‘face unit’ and 31 blank ATM cards

Image of currency exchange board
1 July 2013

A multi-million dollar money laundering syndicate was dismantled following a 12-month joint agency investigation, which uncovered a currency exchange business being used to launder the proceeds of crime for a European drug syndicate

Image of calculator
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC information initiated an investigation into a suspect who had been evading tax for a period of approximately nine years and had an unpaid tax bill totalling over AUD2 million.

Image of syringe
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities to identify transactions associated with the illegal importation and possession of human growth hormones.

Image of ecstasy pills
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC information initiated a multi-agency investigation into a syndicate responsible for importing more than AUD1.5 million of ecstasy concealed in children’s toys.

Image of plane taking off
1 July 2013

An international investigation into drug trafficking revealed a major drug smuggling and money laundering syndicate operating within Australia.

Image of lines of cocaine
1 July 2013

An Australian law enforcement agency arrested and charged two suspects for importing nearly AUD2 million worth of cocaine into Australia from South America. AUSTRAC information assisted the investigation by linking the suspects to the purchase of the drugs and the methods used to pay for and import the drugs.

Image of cheque
1 July 2013

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities investigating a multi-million-dollar postal fraud and tax evasion scheme.