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Banking (ADIs)

AUSTRAC assists in unexplained wealth investigation: over AUD2 million in assets seized

AUSTRAC information was the catalyst for a law enforcement investigation into the unexplained wealth of two entities.

False passports, counterfeit Euros, 10 years' imprisonment

Law enforcement commenced an investigation into a person exchanging counterfeit currency after receiving information from banks across WA, SA and Victoria.

Carpark drug deal leads to arrest of organised crime members

AUSTRAC support law enforcement investigation into a drug trafficking syndicate suspected of having long-term involvement in the supply and distribution of narcotics in Australia.

AUSTRAC helps stop Illegal tobacco importation syndicate

A joint law enforcement investigation identified members of an Australian syndicate involved in the importation of illegal tobacco and cigarettes from South East Asia and the Middle East.

AUSTRAC helps bust money laundering syndicate

A law enforcement investigation identified a professional money laundering syndicate operating between Australia, New Zealand and China.

Australia-based Albanian drug syndicate dismantled

Joint law enforcement investigation into an Australia-based Albanian drug syndicate lead to the disruption of a large-scale importation of meth into the country.

AUSTRAC disrupts Romanian money laundering and drug trafficking syndicate

AUSTRAC intelligence assists law enforcement with investigation involving several Romanian-born Australian's suspected of trafficking drugs and dealing with illicit proceeds of crime.

Fraud to finance a gambling addiction

A law enforcement investigation identified a former solicitor who stole more than AUD1 million from individuals, businesses and financial institutions as part of an elaborate mortgage refinancing fraud.

Offender convicted of structuring funds to launder money: $1 million recovered

SMR leads to the arrest of an offender for structuring more than AUD2.5 million in cash deposits to avoid threshold transaction reporting requirements.

Australia and Colombia join forces to bring down international drug syndicate

AUSTRAC and Australian law enforcement worked together with Colombian counterparts to dismantle an international drug syndicate with links to Thailand, Ecuador, Italy, USA and France.


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