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Banking (ADIs)

Welfare recipients found with $75,000 cash and 15 kilograms of cannabis

AUSTRAC information helped initiate an investigation that resulted in the arrest of three suspects and the seizure of approximately 15 kilograms of cannabis.

Crime syndicate recruited Malaysian nationals for major credit card fraud

AUSTRAC information was used to verify the identities of an organised crime syndicate undertaking credit card fraud. A number of suspicious matter reports also assisted authorities to unravel the group's illicit financial activities.

Street drugs smuggled into Australia inside stuffed toys and nappies

Suspicious matter reports assisted law enforcement with an investigation into a sophisticated drug importation criminal syndicate. AUSTRAC information also assisted authorities to identify the scale of the syndicate's financial activity.

Complex tax avoidance scheme hid funds in Samoa and New Zealand

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities to identify offshore bank accounts and international funds transfers in relation to a complex tax avoidance scheme involving funds transfers between Australia, Samoa and New Zealand.

Accountant's overseas tax evasion scheme landed clients in jail

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities to investigate a tax evasion scheme promoted and facilitated by an accountant in Australia.

Suspicious funds transfers to Mexico unearthed million dollar drug trafficking syndicate

A suspicious matter report contributed significantly to a law enforcement operation which ultimately dismantled an international drug importation syndicate operating in Australia.

AUSTRAC information revealed extent of people smuggling operation

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities with an investigation which disrupted an international people smuggling operation, resulting in the arrest of two Australia-based facilitators.

Cash courier transferred millions of dollars to Hong Kong for money laundering syndicate

A law enforcement agency identified a suspect believed to be working as a cash courier for a suspected money laundering syndicate. AUSTRAC data revealed that the suspect and additional cash couriers were laundering millions of dollars internationally for the syndicate.

Accountant jailed for laundering money via Hong Kong and New Zealand

An Australian law enforcement agency conducted an investigation into a suspect believed to be involved in laundering money. AUSTRAC information linked the suspect to multiple companies and structured cash deposits.

Investors lost $82 million in Ponzi investment scheme

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities investigating an investment company suspected of running a Ponzi scheme involving AUD70 million worth of funds from investors.


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