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AUSTRAC helps bust money laundering syndicate

A law enforcement investigation identified a professional money laundering syndicate operating between Australia, New Zealand and China.

Fraud to finance a gambling addiction

A law enforcement investigation identified a former solicitor who stole more than AUD1 million from individuals, businesses and financial institutions as part of an elaborate mortgage refinancing fraud.

AUSTRAC data helped capture international cybercriminal

Suspicious matter reports submitted to AUSTRAC led to the arrest of an international fugitive wanted for cybercrime and fraud offences.

Mothballed cash stash led to drug trafficker's arrest

AUSTRAC intelligence assisted law enforcement with an investigation into drug trafficking where the suspect was charged with attempting to traffic a controlled drug and sentenced to two-and-a-half years imprisonment.

Suspect used casinos, remitters and airline pilots to launder proceeds of crime

A law enforcement agency conducted an investigation into a suspect believed to be part of an international money laundering scheme. AUSTRAC information revealed the syndicate's financial activities and assisted authorities to identify the suspect.

International crime syndicate used underground banking to launder massive drug profits

AUSTRAC assisted an investigation which disrupted a global crime syndicate involved in money laundering and the importation of more than 30 kilograms of methamphetamine into Australia.

Crime syndicate recruited Malaysian nationals for major credit card fraud

AUSTRAC information was used to verify the identities of an organised crime syndicate undertaking credit card fraud. A number of suspicious matter reports also assisted authorities to unravel the group's illicit financial activities.

Card skimming syndicate laundered criminal proceeds through casinos

An international student residing in Australia was arrested by law enforcement upon arrival in Australia, where he was found to be in possession of card skimming technology, includeding computer disks, a laptop, a card encoder, an ATM feeder ‘face unit’ and 31 blank ATM cards

Casino ‘high roller’ stole $78 million from Asian banks

AUSTRAC contributed to a joint international investigation which exposed a multi-million dollar global fraud committed by an Asian finance manager and international casino ‘high roller’.

‘Bankrupt’ suspect used casino to launder million dollar drug payments

AUSTRAC intelligence helps law enforcement investigation into a known criminal identity who was suspected of being involved in numerous large-scale drug importations into Australia.


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