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Albanian crime syndicate used online betting service to launder drug proceeds

An Albanian organised crime syndicate operating in Australia used an online betting service and an internet payment system to launder illicit proceeds from the sale of cannabis.

Asian crime syndicate recruited foreign students to steal and launder money

An Asian crime syndicate, which included an expert forgery artist, recruited foreign students to open bank accounts, steal mail and launder stolen cash.

Vietnamese heroin importation syndicates dismantled

AUSTRAC information allowed law enforcement agencies to trace a Vietnamese heroin importation syndicates' financial activity, identify syndicate members and establish links between them and a wider network.

Company evaded millions in cigarette tax through duty free fraud

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities with an investigation into a company suspected of a multi-million dollar duty free fraud.

Japanese nationals failed to declare $30,000 cash at airport

Australian casino staff lodged two suspicious matter reports with AUSTRAC detailing suspicious deposits of foreign currency into casino gambling accounts.

Lost wallet led to arrest of identity fraudster

The discovery of a lost wallet at a fast food outlet led to a law enforcement operation that uncovered several cases of identity fraud.

Tax fraudsters used casinos, businesses to launder funds

AUSTRAC began monitoring the financial activities of a network of suspects after reporting entities submitted a series of reports about the network's financial activity.

Drug trafficker caught after suspicious casino behaviour reported to AUSTRAC

AUSTRAC alerted a law enforcement agency to a series of suspicious transactions at a casino, sparking an investigation that led to the arrest of several members of a crime syndicate and the seizure of cash and a large, commercial quantity of drugs.

Drug syndicate recruited heroin couriers from casino

A law enforcement investigation into a suspected drug importation syndicate led to the arrest of a number of suspects and the seizure of a large amount of cash and commercial quantity of drugs.

Structured transactions used to launder thousands of damaged $2 coins

AUSTRAC information assisted an investigation into individual suspected of carrying more than AUD150,000 cash from China to Australia.


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