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Remittance services

AUSTRAC referral helps catch unregistered remitters

An AUSTRAC referral was the catalyst for a law enforcement investigation into two unregistered remittance businesses.

Guns, drugs and pistons

AUSTRAC supported an investigation into a criminal syndicate suspected of importing firearms and illicit drugs into Australia from the United States via sea cargo.

Australia-based Albanian drug syndicate dismantled

Joint law enforcement investigation into an Australia-based Albanian drug syndicate lead to the disruption of a large-scale importation of meth into the country.

AUSTRAC disrupts Romanian money laundering and drug trafficking syndicate

AUSTRAC intelligence assists law enforcement with investigation involving several Romanian-born Australian's suspected of trafficking drugs and dealing with illicit proceeds of crime.

AUSTRAC information helps crack drug importation ring

A joint-agency law enforcement investigation identified a number of individuals and organised crime syndicates involved in importing drugs into Australia via the postal system.

International drug importation scheme cracked, trafficker convicted

AUSTRAC finds correlations between international funds transfers coinciding with drug importations and leads investigators to the suspect, based in Australia, who was in receipt of drugs imported into Australia through the postal system.

Online transactions led to convictions for child sex offences

AUSTRAC intelligence assisted a joint law enforcement investigation targeting registered sex offenders travelling offshore to commit offences against children. While assisting the investigation, AUSTRAC identified two additional suspects in Australia who were sending funds to the Philippines to facilitate the sexual exploitation of children.

Australia and Colombia join forces to bring down international drug syndicate

AUSTRAC and Australian law enforcement worked together with Colombian counterparts to dismantle an international drug syndicate with links to Thailand, Ecuador, Italy, USA and France.

People smuggling operation shut down by joint Australian–Indonesian investigation

A joint investigation between Australian and Indonesian authorities identified two Australian suspects (a father and son) who were facilitating a people smuggling venture.

Suspect used casinos, remitters and airline pilots to launder proceeds of crime

A law enforcement agency conducted an investigation into a suspect believed to be part of an international money laundering scheme. AUSTRAC information revealed the syndicate's financial activities and assisted authorities to identify the suspect.


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