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Remittance business laundered millions in drug money through student’s bank account

A suspect transaction report triggered AUSTRAC’s automated monitoring system, revealing a syndicate using a technique known as ‘cuckoo smurfing’ to launder funds, suspected to be the proceeds of illicit drug sales.

Law enforcement investigation closed down Filipino child exploitation ring

AUSTRAC information assisted a law enforcement investigation into a suspected child exploitation website which led to the arrest of more than 20 individuals.

Money exchange business laundered millions for drug syndicate

A multi-million dollar money laundering syndicate was dismantled following a 12-month joint agency investigation, which uncovered a currency exchange business being used to launder the proceeds of crime for a European drug syndicate

Man convicted after importing human growth hormones from China

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities to identify transactions associated with the illegal importation and possession of human growth hormones.

Suspicious transactions revealed Colombian cocaine importations

An Australian law enforcement agency arrested and charged two suspects for importing nearly AUD2 million worth of cocaine into Australia from South America. AUSTRAC information assisted the investigation by linking the suspects to the purchase of the drugs and the methods used to pay for and import the drugs.

International funds transfers helped uncover counterfeit car parts scam

A law enforcement agency used AUSTRAC financial transaction data to investigate a suspect who was selling counterfeit vehicle parts on the Australian market.

Australian terror suspects sent funds to Somalia to support terrorist group

A joint-agency investigation led to the arrest of five suspects on charges of conspiring to commit a terrorist attack on an Australian army base. Investigations revealed the group had sent funds destined for use by the Somalia-based terrorist group, al-Shabaab.

Albanian crime syndicate used online betting service to launder drug proceeds

An Albanian organised crime syndicate operating in Australia used an online betting service and an internet payment system to launder illicit proceeds from the sale of cannabis.

Drug syndicate recruited heroin couriers from casino

A law enforcement investigation into a suspected drug importation syndicate led to the arrest of a number of suspects and the seizure of a large amount of cash and commercial quantity of drugs.


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