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Information Publication Scheme disclosure log

Information Publication Scheme

Freedom of information disclosure log

Publicly available information released following an FOI access request

AUSTRAC is required by section 11C of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act)to publish a disclosure log on its website. The disclosure log lists information released in response to an FOI request and information that has been routinely requested. This requirement has applied since 1 May 2011.

The disclosure log requirement does not apply to:

  • personal information about any person if publication of that information would be 'unreasonable'
  • information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication of that information would be 'unreasonable'
  • other information covered by a determination made by the Australian Information Commissioner if publication of that information would be 'unreasonable'
  • any information if it is not reasonably practicable to publish the information because of the extent of modifications that would need to be made to delete the information listed in the above dot points.
  • any information that is considered to be exempt matter under the FOI Act is not required to be published under the Information Publication Scheme
  • if an enactment restricts or prohibits the publication of particular information, an agency is not required under the Information Publication Scheme to publish the information otherwise than as permitted or required by the enactment.

Information described in the register is released by AUSTRAC under the FOI Act and is available for public access. A link is provided if the information can be downloaded from this website or another website.

Information that is not available on a website may be obtained in writing. A charge may be imposed to reimburse AUSTRAC for the cost incurred in copying or reproducing the information or sending it to you. You will not be charged for the time spent by AUSTRAC in processing the FOI request that led to this information being made available. You will be notified if any charge is payable and required to pay the charge before the information is provided.

There may be documents in a disclosure log that are not available in HTML format. If you are unable to read the format provided, please contact the AUSTRAC FOI Officer. AUSTRAC will try to meet all reasonable requests for an alternative format of the document in a timely manner and at the lowest reasonable cost to you.

All enquires relating to AUSTRAC's disclosure log should be directed to the AUSTRAC FOI Officer:

Freedom of Information Officer
PO Box 5516
West Chatswood NSW 1515

Ph: 02 6120 2631
Fax: 02 6120 2601
Email: INFO_ACCESS@austrac.gov.au

Documents released in response to freedom of information requests

2012 Budget and Staff Strategy Update Email (PDF 780KB)

Total yearly value of IFTI reports from January 2017 to December 2018 (PDF 1.6MB)

AUSTRAC Cryptocurrency inquiries (PDF 1.27MB)

Documents contained within AUSTRAC file number 2012447 (PDF 1.36MB)

Documents relating to communications regarding inadequacies in compliance (PDF 778KB)

List of top 20 countries: Cross-Border Movement- Physical Currency (PDF 423KB)

Correspondence to Commonwealth Bank of Australia (PDF 1.97MB)

Correspondence between AUSTRAC and Australian Taxation Office and Australian Federal Police relating to bullion dealers (PDF 1.8MB)

Correspondence from AUSTRAC to the Australian Federal Police relating to AUSTRAC information (PDF 287KB)

Number of reporting entities that are bullion dealers (PDF 100KB)

Correspondence between Commonwealth Bank of Australia and AUSTRAC between 13-18 December 2017 (PDF 657KB)

Letter from Commonwealth Bank of Australia to AUSTRAC 13 April 2017 (PDF 576KB)

Exploitation of legal professionals (PDF 828KB) 

Total yearly value of IFTI reports from January 2010 to November 2016

AUSTRAC metadata documents (PDF 1MB)

AUSTRAC standard operating procedure - Processing Remittance Sector Register registration applications (PDF 2MB)

AUSTRAC internal audit plans 2008-2014 (PDF 3MB)

AUSTRAC social media protocols and procedures (PDF 1MB)

AUSTRAC internal documents relating to registrations (PDF 2MB)

Operational intelligence report - Criminal use of Bitcoin (PDF 1MB)

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