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List of Authorised External Auditors

External auditors authorised under subsection 164(1) of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006

Surname Other names Email address
Anthon Philip David philip@governanceworx.com.au
Beatty Andrea Patricia abeatty@piperalderman.com.au
Bhandari Dhruba Prasad dhruba@eliteconsult.com.au
Binns Nigel nigel.binns@au.pwc.com
Block Regina gina@block.com.au
Brown William (Bill) Clifford bill@orangeadvisory.com.au
Cass Christopher Paul ccass@deloitte.com.au
Cavanagh Stephen William scavanagh@hwle.com.au
Chapman Norman Walter nchapman@mnsa.com.au
Coyne Timothy tim.coyne@au.ey.com
Cronin Timothy Francis timothy.cronin@bdo.com.au
Deitz Alison Joy alison.deitz@nortonrosefulbright.com
Derham Paul pauld@hnlaw.com.au
Deutschle Karl Peter karl.p.deutschle@nz.pwc.com
Dobbie Robert rdobbie@dobbieservices.com.au
Dobbin Lisa Ann ldobbin@deloitte.com.au
Drain Stephen Cameron stephen.c.drain@nz.pwc.com
Duffy Calvert John trevlac@tpg.com.au
Dwyer Geoffrey William geoff.dwyer@tnr.com.au
Fargher Ian ian@bvaccounting.com.au
Fink Naomi naomif@hnlaw.com.au
Forwood Peter peter.forwood@au.pwc.com
Gifford Paul John pgifford@amlindependentconsulting.com
Gill Gary ggill@kpmg.com.au
Goodbody Elizabeth elizabeth.x.goodbody@id.pwc.com
Hannan Michelle michellehannan11@gmail.com
Harland Todd Justin tharland@amlsi.com.au
Harley David John david@deltafcc.com
Hii Su-King shii@innoinvest.com.au
Hunn Julian julian.hunn@yahoo.com
Karuppiah Ramanathan rknathan@amlcompliance.com.au
Katuwal Goba gobak@accountingsns.com.au
Ladbrooke Mary-Lynn mladbrooke@netspace.net.au
Leishman Mark mleishman@kpmg.com.au
Lucas Eric Raymond eric.lucas@nz.pwc.com
Luijerink David dluijerink@kpmg.com.au
MacKenzie Hamish Glen hamish.mackenzie@skycity.co.nz
MacLeod David Charles david@mlclegal.com.au
McLean Narelle Louise nm@coffeyhunt.com.au
Miller Phillip William pwm@mcsaccounting.com.au
Noble Christopher Donald Hamilton cnoble@deloitte.com.au
Oliver Patrick John poliver@lexcel.com.au
Pajeska Marija marija@pajeskagroup.com.au
Pandey Uma Nath uma@sydneytaxandaccounting.com.au
Pedley Alan alan.pedley@associates.ag
Quinn Anthony Phillip Anthony.Quinn@financialcrimessolutions.com
Rappell John Robert jrappell@emergenceconsulting.com.au
Robinson Marianne Marianne.Robinson@sparke.com.au
Ryan Dylan Robert Lenehan dylanryan@hotmail.com
Sathye Milind milind.sathye@canberra.edu.au
Schiliro Mark Nunzio mschiliro@mnsa.com.au
Seyfort Anthony Lloyd aseyfort@hwle.com.au
Shackell Malcolm malcolm.shackell@au.pwc.com
Shiong Tee Chuen chuen.shiong.tee@my.pwc.com
Tan Alexander Michael Kuan Yew alex.tan@my.pwc.com
Taylor Philip Norman philip.norman.taylor@nz.pwc.com
Vargas May mayvargas@pdlaccounting.com
Walsh Robert Campbell rob.walsh@au.ey.com
Willems Bryen Massie bryenwillems@optusnet.com.au
Woods Neil Alexander neil_a_woods@hotmail.com
Yuen Crispin Wai Hong crispin@amlsanctions.com
Zasarsky Ivan ivanzasarsky@deloitte.com.au

The information contained in this list is based on information that has been submitted to AUSTRAC under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006.

Disclaimer: Please note the statements in the AUSTRAC Disclaimer. Also, without limiting the generality of those statements, please note that AUSTRAC makes every effort to ensure the information published is up-to-date and reflects information provided by third parties.

If you have any comments about the accuracy of the information published in this document, please contact external_auditors@austrac.gov.au.

Terms and conditions, including fees, are to be negotiated between the reporting entity and the external auditor. The Commonwealth is not liable for any default in payment of fees.

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