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CTF Summit 2016: Growing partnerships to address terrorism financing in our region

Over 200 specialists from more than 20 countries will gather for the second Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) Summit in Bali from 8-11 August. The event will build on the outcomes from the first CTF Summit in Sydney last year to promote cooperation and collaboration between financial intelligence agencies, particularly in the South-East Asia region. 

Paul Jevtovic, CEO of Australia’s financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC, said that this year's CTF Summit, co-hosted with Indonesia’s financial intelligence agency PPATK, is the largest and most significant event in the counter-terrorism financing space within our region.

"Terrorism remains a key threat to social and economic stability globally. At the heart of any terrorist act is a source of funding to carry out these attacks,” Mr Jevtovic said.

"We must therefore continue our efforts to be vigilant and develop new and innovative ways to detect and combat this global threat."

Head of PPATK, Dr Muhammad Yusuf, said that co-hosting the CTF Summit reflects the priority that both governments place on combatting this transnational threat. 

“Through this meeting, we can enhance our experience and our knowledge, as well as tighten our relations in order to prevent, overcome, and combat terrorism financing activities,” Dr Yusuf said. 

The four day event provides a platform for experts to collectively develop regional solutions to critical terrorism financing issues and risks. The Summit includes working group meetings and forums that will examine risks within our region, emerging technologies and how we can harness technology to better disrupt terrorism financing and money laundering. 

This year’s Summit will deliver real outcomes on terrorism financing that AUSTRAC and PPATK have developed jointly with Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

But while great strides have been made by the regional working groups since the first Summit in Sydney, now is not the time to be complacent. The operating environment is evolving and collaboration with partners will enable agencies to adapt and respond to these challenges within the region.

By working together, regional agencies are aiming to further disrupt and dismantle the sources and networks that help finance terrorist organisations and terrorist attacks.

Media contact in Australia

AUSTRAC Media and Communications

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Media contacts in Bali

Lancia Jordana, Director Media and Communications

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  • The Sydney Communique that was developed as a result of the first CTF Summit in 2015 provides greater detail on the commitments that were agreed upon by AUSTRAC and PPATK.
  • This year's summit will be attended by representatives and delegates from over 20 countries including Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States.
  • The 2016 Summit will produce a Statement that will set an ambitious agenda for further counter-terrorism financing collaboration across the Asia-Pacific region. 
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