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News and updates

14 November 2018
Suspicious matter reporting video animation

What is the value of an SMR?

8 November 2018
The Bangkok Communiqué - 4th regional Counter-Terrorism Financing Summit 2018

At the successful conclusion of the 2018 CTF Summit, the Bangkok Communiqué was released. The Communiqué sets out a roadmap for future collaboration among financial intelligence units across the region.

7 November 2018
Launch of NPO red flag indicators 2018 report

The Non-profit organisations & terrorism financing red flag indicators 2018 report was launched at the CTF Summit 2018.

26 October 2018
Draft amendments to Chapter 11 of the AML/CTF Rules

AUSTRAC has released for a four week public consultation period draft amendments to Chapter 11 of the AML/CTF Rules.

16 October 2018
Getting ready for AUSTRAC’s Compliance Report 2018

AUSTRAC’s annual compliance report for 2018 will be opening for lodgement soon. 

5 October 2018
Co-Chairs' Statement, 25th Egmont Group Plenary, Sydney, Australia

The 25th Egmont Group Plenary took place between 24-27 September 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Ms. Hennie Verbeek-Kusters, Egmont Group Chair/ Head of FIU-Netherlands and Ms. Nicole Rose PSM, AUSTRAC CEO, chaired the meeting.

25 September 2018
Publishing of the Ministerial Determination for the 2018–19 industry contribution levy

The Ministerial Determination for the 2018-19 industry contribution levy is now available

17 September 2018
25th Egmont Group Plenary Meeting hosted by AUSTRAC

AUSTRAC will be hosting the 25th Egmont Group Plenary (the Plenary) meeting from 24-27 September 2018 in Sydney.

3 September 2018
AUSTRAC corporate plan 2018-22

The AUSTRAC corporate plan 2018-22 is now available.

9 August 2018
SMR and digital currency exchange provider webinar

AUSTRAC’S webinar on suspicious matter reporting and digital currency exchange provider information is now available