News and updates

8 June 2017
Collaborative Culture and its role in fighting financial crime
Presentation by Peter Clark, Acting CEO to the Thomson Reuters Regulatory Summit Sydney, 6 June 2017.
26 May 2017
Consultation on the 2017–18 AUSTRAC Industry Contribution levy
Public consultation is open until Friday 23 June 2017.
22 May 2017
Draft amendments to Chapter 51 open for consultation
These draft amendments will ensure that International Funds Transaction Instructions between PayPal Australia and PayPal Hong Kong are reported to AUSTRAC.
24 April 2017
Draft AML/CTF Rules resulting from the Review of the Act
Public consultation open until 22 May 2017
10 April 2017
New case study now available
AUSTRAC assists in unexplained wealth investigation: over AUD2 million in assets seized
7 April 2017
Draft Privacy Impact Assessment – AUSTRAC Data Matching Program and Fintel Alliance
The draft Privacy Impact Assessment considers the Fintel Alliance initial operational projects and the AUSTRAC Data Matching Program.
8 March 2017
Watch the Fintel Alliance launch
Video of the Fintel Alliance launch is now available
3 March 2017
Draft AML/CTF Rules exempting small on-course bookmakers
The development of the previously published draft AML/CTF Rules has been discontinued.
16 February 2017
Draft Rules relating to law enforcement operations
A public consultation period is open from 16 February 2017 to 16 March 2017.
12 January 2017
Draft amendments to the AML/CTF Rules available for consultation
Draft amendments to chapter 59 (Suspension of remitters) are open for consultation until 9 February 2017.