News and updates

9 June 2016
Updates to the AUSTRAC compliance guide
AUSTRAC has published a list of updates made to the AUSTRAC compliance guide since it was published in September 2014.
9 June 2016
Draft costings on Chapter 4 amendments
Draft costings on the amendments relating to electronic safe harbour procedures for customers are now available for public consultation.
9 June 2016
Registration cancelled for two remitters
AUSTRAC has cancelled the registrations of Korea Pty. Ltd. and Forex Sydney Pty Ltd.
2 June 2016
Independent remittance dealer suspended
AUSTRAC has suspended the registration of Vision Rehoboth Pty Ltd, trading as City Kowon.
31 May 2016
Two new case studies available
AUSTRAC intelligence disrupts two international drug syndicates.
26 May 2016
Registration refused
AUSTRAC has refused to register Allsafe International Pty Ltd on the Remittance Sector Register.
11 May 2016
Three remitters suspended
Korea Pty Ltd, ToKorea Pty Ltd, and Forex Sydney Pty Ltd have had their registration suspended today.
10 May 2016
Draft AML/CTF Rules now available for consultation
AUSTRAC has published draft amendments to Chapter 22 which relate to an exemption for the energy market.
6 May 2016
Consultation on the 2016–17 AUSTRAC Industry Contribution levy
AUSTRAC has published a consultation paper and draft Ministerial Determination for the 2016–17 Industry Contribution.
28 April 2016
Privacy Impact Assessment finalised
The Privacy Impact Assessment on the draft amendments to Chapter 4 regarding collecting information from other than the customer has been finalised.