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New guidance on the Document Verification Service

16 April 2015

Information on the Document Verification Service (DVS) which was recently published for public consultation, has now been incorporated into the AUSTRAC compliance guide.

The DVS is a secure, national, real-time, on-line, electronic document verification system managed by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department (AGD).

The DVS provides authorised organisations, such as reporting entities, with a means to electronically match identifying information or credentials on certain government-issued identity documents directly with the issuing government organisation (whether Commonwealth, State or Territory). This allows reporting entities to check that the identity document presented by an individual is current or valid (for example, the document has not expired, been cancelled, is lost or stolen).

For more information please go to the Document Verification Service and individual customer and beneficial owner identification page which is located in Chapter 6 of the AUSTRAC compliance guide.

Last modified: 16/04/2015 16:09