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Drug importation

Carpark drug deal leads to arrest of organised crime members

AUSTRAC support law enforcement investigation into a drug trafficking syndicate suspected of having long-term involvement in the supply and distribution of narcotics in Australia.

Australia-based Albanian drug syndicate dismantled

Joint law enforcement investigation into an Australia-based Albanian drug syndicate lead to the disruption of a large-scale importation of meth into the country.

AUSTRAC information helps crack drug importation ring

A joint-agency law enforcement investigation identified a number of individuals and organised crime syndicates involved in importing drugs into Australia via the postal system.

Australia and Colombia join forces to bring down international drug syndicate

AUSTRAC and Australian law enforcement worked together with Colombian counterparts to dismantle an international drug syndicate with links to Thailand, Ecuador, Italy, USA and France.

Suspect used black market website and digital currencies for drug trafficking

AUSTRAC assisted an investigation which led to the arrest of a suspect who used a digital currency to purchase, import and sell illicit drugs through a black market website.

Street drugs smuggled into Australia inside stuffed toys and nappies

Suspicious matter reports assisted law enforcement with an investigation into a sophisticated drug importation criminal syndicate. AUSTRAC information also assisted authorities to identify the scale of the syndicate's financial activity.

Suspicious funds transfers to Mexico unearthed million dollar drug trafficking syndicate

A suspicious matter report contributed significantly to a law enforcement operation which ultimately dismantled an international drug importation syndicate operating in Australia.

AUSTRAC information revealed extent of people smuggling operation

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities with an investigation which disrupted an international people smuggling operation, resulting in the arrest of two Australia-based facilitators.

Suspect jailed after internet drug purchase

AUSTRAC assisted a law enforcement investigation into the importation and distribution of mephedrone, an amphetamine-type stimulant imported from Israel.

Man convicted after importing human growth hormones from China

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities to identify transactions associated with the illegal importation and possession of human growth hormones.


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