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Drug importation

Syndicate imported 25kg of ecstasy hidden in children’s toys

AUSTRAC information initiated a multi-agency investigation into a syndicate responsible for importing more than AUD1.5 million of ecstasy concealed in children’s toys.

International students used as ‘mules’ in Pacific drug smuggling ring

An international investigation into drug trafficking revealed a major drug smuggling and money laundering syndicate operating within Australia.

Suspicious transactions revealed Colombian cocaine importations

An Australian law enforcement agency arrested and charged two suspects for importing nearly AUD2 million worth of cocaine into Australia from South America. AUSTRAC information assisted the investigation by linking the suspects to the purchase of the drugs and the methods used to pay for and import the drugs.

Crime syndicate caught out after police discovered drugs in cricket rollers

AUSTRAC assisted a law enforcement investigation into a syndicate importing precursor chemicals from South Africa into Australia to produce up to AUD20 million worth of amphetamines.

Vietnamese heroin importation syndicates dismantled

AUSTRAC information allowed law enforcement agencies to trace a Vietnamese heroin importation syndicates' financial activity, identify syndicate members and establish links between them and a wider network.

Drug syndicate recruited heroin couriers from casino

A law enforcement investigation into a suspected drug importation syndicate led to the arrest of a number of suspects and the seizure of a large amount of cash and commercial quantity of drugs.


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