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Drug trafficking

Guns, drugs and pistons

AUSTRAC supported an investigation into a criminal syndicate suspected of importing firearms and illicit drugs into Australia from the United States via sea cargo.

AUSTRAC disrupts Romanian money laundering and drug trafficking syndicate

AUSTRAC intelligence assists law enforcement with investigation involving several Romanian-born Australian's suspected of trafficking drugs and dealing with illicit proceeds of crime.

International drug importation scheme cracked, trafficker convicted

AUSTRAC finds correlations between international funds transfers coinciding with drug importations and leads investigators to the suspect, based in Australia, who was in receipt of drugs imported into Australia through the postal system.

Mothballed cash stash led to drug trafficker's arrest

AUSTRAC intelligence assisted law enforcement with an investigation into drug trafficking where the suspect was charged with attempting to traffic a controlled drug and sentenced to two-and-a-half years imprisonment.

Suspect used black market website and digital currencies for drug trafficking

AUSTRAC assisted an investigation which led to the arrest of a suspect who used a digital currency to purchase, import and sell illicit drugs through a black market website.

Suspicious million dollar transfers undid major methamphetamine operation

Multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to dismantle a major methamphetamine drug syndicate operating in Australia and Vietnam.

International crime syndicate used underground banking to launder massive drug profits

AUSTRAC assisted an investigation which disrupted a global crime syndicate involved in money laundering and the importation of more than 30 kilograms of methamphetamine into Australia.

Welfare recipients found with $75,000 cash and 15 kilograms of cannabis

AUSTRAC information helped initiate an investigation that resulted in the arrest of three suspects and the seizure of approximately 15 kilograms of cannabis.

Syndicate used real estate and trust accounts to launder cannabis cash

An Australian drug syndicate used multiple money laundering methods to launder more than AUD1 million worth of profits from cannabis sales.

‘Bankrupt’ suspect used casino to launder million dollar drug payments

AUSTRAC intelligence helps law enforcement investigation into a known criminal identity who was suspected of being involved in numerous large-scale drug importations into Australia.


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