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Card skimming syndicate laundered criminal proceeds through casinos

An international student residing in Australia was arrested by law enforcement upon arrival in Australia, where he was found to be in possession of card skimming technology, includeding computer disks, a laptop, a card encoder, an ATM feeder ‘face unit’ and 31 blank ATM cards

Local post office used for million dollar fraud and tax evasion scheme

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities investigating a multi-million-dollar postal fraud and tax evasion scheme.

International funds transfers helped uncover counterfeit car parts scam

A law enforcement agency used AUSTRAC financial transaction data to investigate a suspect who was selling counterfeit vehicle parts on the Australian market.

Senior public servants stole $1.7 million from state government

AUSTRAC assisted law enforcement to investigate two senior public servants charged with stealing more than AUD1.7 million cash from a state government department.

AUSTRAC information helped unravel AUD30 million university fraud

AUSTRAC information assisted law enforcement to investigate a network involved in defrauding a university of over AUD30 million and laundering the funds to purchase property and racehorses.

Asian crime syndicate recruited foreign students to steal and launder money

An Asian crime syndicate, which included an expert forgery artist, recruited foreign students to open bank accounts, steal mail and launder stolen cash.

Lost wallet led to arrest of identity fraudster

The discovery of a lost wallet at a fast food outlet led to a law enforcement operation that uncovered several cases of identity fraud.

Tax fraudsters used casinos, businesses to launder funds

AUSTRAC began monitoring the financial activities of a network of suspects after reporting entities submitted a series of reports about the network's financial activity.

Structured transactions used to launder thousands of damaged $2 coins

AUSTRAC information assisted an investigation into individual suspected of carrying more than AUD150,000 cash from China to Australia.

Director used company millions to cover personal gambling debts

A company director allegedly used more than AUD1 million of company funds for his personal gambling and entered into an agreement rendering the company liable for his gambling debts.


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