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Money laundering

Suspect used offshore companies to avoid paying millions in tax

A money laundering and taxation investigation commenced into a suspect who, for more than 10 years, declared minimal income to the Australian Taxation Office while living a luxurious lifestyle.

Casino ‘high roller’ stole $78 million from Asian banks

AUSTRAC contributed to a joint international investigation which exposed a multi-million dollar global fraud committed by an Asian finance manager and international casino ‘high roller’.

AUSTRAC information assisted law enforcement to uncover a sophisticated investment fraud

Cold-call investment fraud involves unsolicited contact, generally by telephone, with victims who are persuaded to invest money in shares that are either worthless or non-existent.

Syndicate used real estate and trust accounts to launder cannabis cash

An Australian drug syndicate used multiple money laundering methods to launder more than AUD1 million worth of profits from cannabis sales.

‘Bankrupt’ suspect used casino to launder million dollar drug payments

AUSTRAC intelligence helps law enforcement investigation into a known criminal identity who was suspected of being involved in numerous large-scale drug importations into Australia.

Albanian crime syndicate used online betting service to launder drug proceeds

An Albanian organised crime syndicate operating in Australia used an online betting service and an internet payment system to launder illicit proceeds from the sale of cannabis.

Asian crime syndicate recruited foreign students to steal and launder money

An Asian crime syndicate, which included an expert forgery artist, recruited foreign students to open bank accounts, steal mail and launder stolen cash.

Structured transactions used to launder thousands of damaged $2 coins

AUSTRAC information assisted an investigation into individual suspected of carrying more than AUD150,000 cash from China to Australia.


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