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Fraud to finance a gambling addiction

A law enforcement investigation identified a former solicitor who stole more than AUD1 million from individuals, businesses and financial institutions as part of an elaborate mortgage refinancing fraud.

Offender convicted of structuring funds to launder money: $1 million recovered

SMR leads to the arrest of an offender for structuring more than AUD2.5 million in cash deposits to avoid threshold transaction reporting requirements.

Syndicate imported 25kg of ecstasy hidden in children’s toys

AUSTRAC information initiated a multi-agency investigation into a syndicate responsible for importing more than AUD1.5 million of ecstasy concealed in children’s toys.

Company evaded millions in cigarette tax through duty free fraud

AUSTRAC information assisted authorities with an investigation into a company suspected of a multi-million dollar duty free fraud.

Structured transactions used to launder thousands of damaged $2 coins

AUSTRAC information assisted an investigation into individual suspected of carrying more than AUD150,000 cash from China to Australia.

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