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Pubs and clubs with gaming machines

Pubs and clubs guidance on AML/CTF programs

Guidance is available to help the pubs and clubs sector with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) obligations and how to prepare an AML/CTF program. The guidance includes links to the AUSTRAC compliance guide to explain the components of the AML/CTF program, and templates to assist in tailoring the program to your business.

AUSTRAC developed this guidance in collaboration with industry bodies representing the pubs and clubs sector.

Download the Preparing & implementing an AML/CTF program: Guide for pubs & clubs (Word, 142KB)

Your obligations

The guidance focuses on the obligations below, but does not go into comprehensive detail about all obligations. For more detail, refer to the AML/CTF Act, AML/CTF Rules and the AUSTRAC compliance guide.

Does your business have 16 or more electronic gaming machines?

If you have 16 or more gaming machines, you are required to:

Does your venue have 15 or fewer electronic gaming machines?

If you have 15 or fewer gaming machines, you are only required to:

Have you enrolled with AUSTRAC?

You must enrol with AUSTRAC within 28 days of commencing to provide electronic gaming machine services.

Enrol with AUSTRAC now.

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